Hi there,

My name is Liz and welcome to my blog.

Here, I’ll share with you Internet hacks that will make your internet life easier.

First off, let me tell you that I have two favourite social media: Onlyfans and IMVU.

If you’re interested in Onlyfans hack, you can find my guide here.

screenshot of only fans homepage

Onlyfans is a fast-growing social sensation for both influencers and their supporters. Influencers get support directly from their fan base through a subscription system. The fans can also become patreons and get exclusive access to their favourite celebrity’s “hot” content *wink wink*.

More of an IMVU person? Check out my guide on how to get free credits here.

imvu sign up page

IMVU is the abbreviation for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. You can guess its content based on the name. It’s a 3d social platform where people get to freely customize their appearance. You can change from your hair, skin, clothing to accessories and body shape. There are beautiful 3d worlds for you to immerse into and have a pleasant time with your buddies or even make new friends.

On here you’ll also find other useful internet hacks like:

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  • Searching for song name from incomplete lyrics
  • How to soft block people on twitter
  • Mute an email thread
  • How to use emoji on internet browsers
  • Youtube and Google easter eggs

And a lot more cool stuff, so stay tuned!