IMVU is becoming a popular social networking sensation, and with each passing day, more and more persons are becoming tied to the platform.

There is no denying it that it is fun to play. Mind you, the best way to enjoy what IMVU has to offer is to get more followers and become popular. The saying “the more, the merrier” perfectly describes the world of IMVU.

So if you are a newbie, and you’ve come across the various exciting news of being popular on IMVU, there is really no secret to it, you just have to know what to do. Becoming popular and getting more followers on IMVU has been made easy thanks to these steps.

Go out and explore

imvu room

One common mistake that you see many newbies make regularly is staying in one spot. Most rookies just sit in one chat room, hoping to get the next big break. Well, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to become popular on IMVU, you have to put yourself out there.

Explore and be adventurous

Go to other chat rooms, and increase your chances of meeting new people. This will allow you to make more friends, and what’s more, it is more exciting than sitting in one chat room all day. Don’t be afraid to add up every person you’ve been able to have a conversation with. Just know that when a good number of people know you on IMVU, you are already on the right path to being popular.

Make more products on IMVU

Making lots of quality products on IMVU is one way to gain more followers and becoming popular. The more people interact with your brand, the more your name will be on their lips. Mind you, if your product is really good, there are chances that people will share it with their friends, thus giving you more exposure.

Advertise your brand

A good way to gain exposure on IMVU is to advertise your brand as much as possible. Your brand can be your product or your chat room. Do not hesitate to advertise them on your homepage, or even have your friends advertise them for you. The best way to advertise on IMVU is to create a banner. Banners are easy to spot, and there is no way people will miss or ignore it.

Take advantage of IMVU forums

IMVU forums are also great avenues to let people know about you. Always post on forums. Make sure your posts are quality posts as well. The more you posts, the more people will know about you, and if your posts are very helpful, the more people will find it easy to associate with you.

Final thoughts

Becoming popular and gaining more followers on IMVU is easy if you know what to do. Although it will take you a bit of time to become famous, if you follow the steps above, it will be sooner rather than later.