A couple of years ago if you mention the word “IMVU,” you were guaranteed a weird look from everyone around you. Nevertheless, fast-forward to this moment, and it has become a household name.

When IMVU came into existence back in 2003/2004, it came with one purpose to change the way people chat. Back then, the method of chatting was strictly done via a chat window, i.e., you send a message in a chat box, and the person replies in a chat box as well.

However, IMVU came and added their own twist to it. “Rather than chat windows, why don’t we use avatars of ourselves to chat?” Thus came the app.

What is IMVU?

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IMVU is a 3D Avatar Chat Instant Messenger and Dress up Game. Put simply, it is a 3D avatar social network. It gives you a fun and enjoyable way to meet people and make new friends.

There are lots to do for fun and excitement once you are inside. The building process of the avatar and the way people interact with one and another is one of the reasons why most persons have warmed up to it.

IMVU offers you a new way to talk to people. Typically, the conversation takes place in balloon quotes right above your avatar’s head. The avatar is one area they really gets it right.

There is lots of flexibility with your avatar. You can customize it to meet with your preference, and you can even make it stand out using various accessories. Your avatar can either sit or stand with other avatars enjoying the beautiful conversation.

There are a lot of things your avatar can do, after all, it is a representation of you in the IMVU world. It expresses moods, dance, laugh at a joke, and much more. The avatars can also hang out in private and public rooms.

General information about IMVU

IMVU takes social networking to a whole new level as you can create virtual products and sell them. It is one of the leading sites with the most amount of virtual goods.

IMVU boasts of more than five million active users, and its virtual catalog is above 30 million commodities. IMVU operates its own virtual economy. So, buying and selling is only achieved by using IMVU credits.

In addition to providing a stylish way to chat, it also provides groups and forums for people to connect. What’s more, users also have access to resources like blogs, gallery, music, and lots more.

The popularity of IMVU means more and more people are making use of it every day. With its unique style, IMVU will continually grow in popularity.