As a media that supports influencers, OnlyFans is a new way of improving your relationship with your followers, enhancing your social media expertise and monetising your own content.


So what is the best way to attracting and keeping readers, constructing your career as an influencer and making a steady income out of the articles? Here are 5 ideas to make sure fans are happy and engaged to flip OnlyFans to your benefit and keep the cash.


1. Open An Account


onlyfans' sign up page


It is easy and free to make an account, there is no arrangement for your readers or you. It is time to make the transition and then invite your followers to experience more, if you have reached a spot in which you’ve got a significant audience engagement.


Onlyfans registration doesn’t require anything extra. You only need to enter your email, password and payment information and voila, you’re ready to go.


2. Set A Subscription Fee


You determine how much to bill your supporters so decide on an amount which you believe is fair, reasonable and affordable, to put you in control.


For instance, if you’ve got 10,000 followers on Instagram, you may expect to draw around 100-150 readers (according to a 1.5% conversion).


It is far better to have 150 readers at $6.99 compared to 50 subscribers at $9.99, so ensure that your rate brings readers and doesn’t dissuade them. The more you bring, the less you need to overprice and make an income.


Bear in mind, your supporters have been gravitating from free-to-view platforms into your paid subscription, so make a fantastic decision depending on the caliber of material they’ll get in your new platform and just how much they’re likely to cover for.


Utilize Onlyfans’ income calculator to estimate your potential.


3. Advertise Your Account


The most effective way would be in your existing social websites and blogs, and via your own content. The people there already know and trust you, there’s a high chance that they will become your fan on the new platform.


If you’re publishing pictures of a style collection, encourage your followers to view more and receive tutorials, just add your articles and your OnlyFans profile link. The more you spread it, the more readers you will receive.


4. Plan Your Content Strategy

It is important not to forget that your readers will come from the mainstream networking platforms, and they are likely to remain linked to you on Twitter Facebook, Instagram. The reason they are paying for this is that they feel like they’re getting an exclusive version of the same stuff.


It’s about adding more detail and variety, doing exclusive articles and expanding the content expertise. For instance, if you are a workout expert, then you can perform snapshots or short exercises on Instagram and Facebook as demos. After that, on OnlyFans, you provide them with a more comprehensive workout programme and distinctive patterns not published on Instagram or Facebook.


It’s also a good idea to renovate your content from time to time. You can start by trying a new type of background music, new angles or collaborate with other content creators.


You have gathered a loyal fanbase as your fans adore what you do so there does not have to be a change in the style of content.


Developing your content in mainstream programs is very important to guarantee consistency and quality throughout your publishing journey. The more followers you get on your original platform, the more will come and stay on your Onlyfans account.


5. Build A Loyal Fanbase


Fans are who keep you going so give the fans what they need.


If you are a travel blogger or a gym model, for instance, or you are supplying tutorials and educational content, then you can provide extended content and much more detailed tutorials on OnlyFans. They allow up to 3GB of upload capacity for one movie, as well as 20 pictures per article.


Thus, use your mainstream programs to lure fans to go through the complete movie or photo album in your OnlyFans platforms because that is where the value is different.


When you give readers more than they could experience on free-to-view platforms but they get far more for a small subscription. Most fans that enjoy your content will not hesitate to pay a low subscription for such high quality content from their favourite celebrity.


Retaining followers and ensuring your subscriber base grows is vital. At the end of the day, the fundamental strategy is to give people value for their money and keep them satisfied.


Thank you for reading through our guide. Click here for more guides and information about Onlyfans.